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Owner Rob MacKenzie and his wife, Nell Roberts, the Owner & Operator of the Speakeasy... Along with their beloved dog Short Stack.
Owner Rob MacKenzie and his wife, Nell Roberts, the Owner & Operator of the Speakeasy... Along with their beloved dog Short Stack.

Now that we have finally opened our doors & broken the seal on our first events, we are also thrilled to share our write-up in Life on Capitol Hill!


Column & Photos by J.L. Shultheis Price


The Denver Speakeasy & The Wine Dispensary


You never know.  That perfect date could lead to a wedding, a baby shower or a 20th anniversary gala.  It’s not too late to schedule your big holiday bash either.  A new speakeasy space is eager to host that event.


Speakeasies are definitely hot right now, so Capitol Hill residents, Nell Roberts, and spouse, Rob MacKenzie, decided to give their new, upscale events center inside an 1890’s building the speakeasy theme.  You have to know where you’re going to get there.  You won’t see much signage.


The duo believes that two heads are always better than one so they jointly opened the Denver Speakeasy, along with the Wine Dispensary at 435 W. Colfax Ave. Roberts has been in the event planning business for over 13 years; [executive sommelier] MacKenzie has been [in the event industry for 30.]


“It’s actually really fantastic working in such a close proximity.  In fact, really fun!  We do pretty well tag-teaming and have always been the kind of couple that spends a lot of time together, works well together, and relies on one another for a lot,” said Roberts.


The front of the space holds a 1300-square-foot room that can accommodate sit down meals for 70 and cocktail parties or wine bashes for 115.  Don’t overlook additional space that features a game room.  It can double as a babysitting area or another meeting room.


“Our space has done the wine and event industry one better.  [We at the] Denver Speakeasy have worked tirelessly to handpick features and finishes that offer a truly distinctive look and feel for events; while next door, the Wine Dispensary is delivering custom experiences in wine tastings, entertainment, and pairings to their clients as well,” Roberts added. 


She said her ideal client is “looking for a convenient, yet ornate, downtown space.  This lavish space is adorned with historic exposed brick walls and glossy tin ceilings, but with all the contemporary audio/visual offerings clients could hope for.”


MacKenzie is proud of his first-in-Colorado wine and spirit store that focuses on wine tastings, wine events, and wine experiences instead of daily [walk-up] retail sales.  His philosophy is ‘try before you buy’ and his goal is to provide [personalized services and “edutainment” for clients.] 


“We like to call the Wine Dispensary the smallest wine store in the world,” he said. 


In reality, there’s quite a lot packed into the Dispensary’s footprint, with wine racks running up each wall to meet the building’s lofty ceilings. 


The Wine Dispensary serves as a private wine club where members attend new tastings every 60 days to explore [10-20] new vintages and blends, and folks using the event space will tap its services for the alcoholic portion of their menu. 


You can [schedule a tour of the space by emailing or calling 720-749-4948.]   For wine consultations or concierge services, contact [or call 303-832-8007.]


To read the actual article, check out Life on Capitol Hill’s December issue here.  

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