Not just another wine buying experience...

The Wine Dispensary mission is to completely change the experience of purchasing wine, joining a wine club, or attending a wine tasting or seminar.  No more "one-size-fits-all" selections - no disappointing bottles delivered to your door.


Try wines before you buy, or ask a trained (but never pretentious) sommelier to personally select wines based on your personal preferences.  Purchase as much or as little as you want, and purchases of any wines, spirits or beers of $150+ will be delivered to your home or office at your convenience for FREE.

With entertainment at the forefront of the Wine Dispensary experience, every day clients discover that learning about wine can be fun, without intimidation, head scratches, or boring lectures.  


At our private or semi-private tastings, you'll have the opportunity to try and size up unique wines from all around the world and at varying price points, and take with you amusing trivia and a brighter knowledge of wines you like to open at home or bring to a friend's for dinner. 


Learn about the Wine Dispensary President & Master Sommelier Candidate: 

Rob Mackenzie.